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D.CORTEZ Management is a High-End Remodeling services management company. We have as principle to follow every necessary steps so the work is carried out of the better way, faster and cheaper.
We work with architects from Latin America where we adapt the plans for Florida standards and manage all the contract processes, licenses, permits, general contractor, adaptation of materials and color finishes so that the project is as faithful as possible to the project created by the architect.

D.CORTEZ Management was founded in 2012 in Florida, after a lot of market survey, feasibility studies, suitability of projects and laws. In 2015 we began to operate with the same quality and excellence of the company D.CORTEZ Engineering headquartered in Brazil.

To better customize our service to better meet our customers and partners.


We also work with preventive and corrective maintenance for homes, businesses, condominiums, offices, hotels and any location or service that depends on a technical and qualified monitoring.


It is part of our range of services and we are always in search of new technologies, concepts and new systems, all to improve the quality, term and efficiency of the works.


Main areas that we have acted due to the great vision to our country is the DESIGN UNIVERSAL , ENERGY EFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS, this allied allied AUTOMATION specialized.


Our works respect all requirements technical norms, work safety and works code, guaranteeing a work always with EXCELLENCE and GUARANTEED for much longer.

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